Centrifugal moulding

Centrifugal casting is used for the manufacture of hollow tubes, usually pipes. The pipes made using this process have lower mechanical properties than those that are filament wound. The fibreglass laminate is laid inside the hollow cylindrical moulds, and the laminate is consolidated by centrifugal force.

allnex products commonly used:

  • Customised multi-end roving
  • Resin (UPE, vinyl ester or epoxy)
  • Catalyst


  1. The preheated cylindrical mould spins at a pre-determined rotational speed.
  2. A horizontal boom holding feed lines and a chopper head oscillates back and forth along the length of the cylindrical mould, laying programmed quantities1 of catalysed resin, chopped glass and sand.
  3. Once the required layers of raw materials are in place, the speed of rotation is increased to compact the laminate, and heating is applied as required to complete the cure of the laminate.
  4. The finished tube is then removed from the mould.


1The portion of resin, glass and sand determines the overall hoop and burst strength of the pipe.  The portions may vary for each layer. Common finished products are low pressure and jacking pipes.