A Superior Pool Finish System

Our AquaguardTM Pool System is a trusted brand in the global composite swimming pool market backed by over 20 years of exceptional performance in the field. 

This three coat system offers durability, vibrancy and colour to new composite swimming pools. It has been proven to resist the harsh effects of the sun and chemical corrosion resulting in a sparkling pool that will retain its colour and vibrancy for years to come. 

  • The AquaguardTM gelcoat layer provides a decorative and durable finish. The high quality pigments used in the gelcoat guarantee that colour is more vibrant and maintained for longer.  
  • The Nuplex Vinyl Ester corrosion layer prevents water migration through the pool wall, reducing the likelihood of osmosis.
  • The Ultratec laminate layer is a structural resin with ECR fibreglass preventing corrosion.

These layers together provide a superior pool finish.  Products are tested to levels much higher than Australian and New Zealand Standard for chemical fade resistance to ensure a longer lifespan for the cosmetic finish. 

The Aquaguard gelcoat decorative layer comes in three finishes: 


A range of striking, high performance gelcoats giving an extremely decorative and reflective finish. These highly durable coatings exhibit outstanding weathering and fade resistance  properties and contain stunning jewel highlights. 


 A range of traditional high performance and high opacity gelcoats with a long history of proven  performance in demanding Australian conditions. 


 A range of high performance decorative gelcoats that provide a stone-like appearance to the  finished pool surface.

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