A Superior Pool Finish 

AquaguardTM Pool Gelcoats have long been the flagship product of our offering to the local and global composite pool markets. 

This gelcoat technology has over 20 years of proven field history of exceptional chemical and UV resistance, resulting in enduring and vibrant pools that retain colour and service for longer. AquaguardTM pool gelcoats are extramely durable and exhibit outstanding weathering and fade resistance properties. This high performance product comes in three striking cosmetic finishes:

  • Shimmer, an extremely decorative and reflective range containing stunning jewel highlights.
  • Natural, a range of traditional, high opacity solid colour gelcoats.
  • Cultured, a decorative range with stone-like appearance. 
Value Proposition Benefits
High performance surface coatings A striking and visually appealing cosmetic finish with exceptional durability.
High quality gelcoat pigments Vibrant and long-lasting colours.
Outstanding UV resistance Protects the decorative finish from the harsh effects of the sun.
Excellent chemical resistance Products are tested extensively for chemical fade resistance to ensure a longer lifespan for the cosmetic finish.


AquaugardTM pool gelcoats provide optimum durability when used in combination with our UltratechTM VE Tie Layer resin and UltratecTM Laminating resin, reinforced with ECR fibreglass.

The UtratechTM VE Tie Layer resin provides excellent water resistance by preventing water migration through the pool wall. This resin rich tie layer laminate also reduces the surface profile to improve cosmetics of final parts. The combination of these high quality products results in an extremely durable pool with a superior finish backed by many years of exceptional field performance.  

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