Sustainable Solutions

Finding, developing and pursuing sustainable solutions is embedded in everything we do.

This is because we know that sustainable solutions are fundamental to our ability to deliver:

  • Innovative products to our customers
  • Long-term value for our shareholders, and
  • Safe and engaging careers for our people.

Through our commitment to innovation and operational excellence, we are continually:

  • Developing new products that require fewer inputs to make
  • Use fewer resources during their application process 
  • Improving our own production effectiveness to find ways to use resources more efficiently particularly in the areas of energy consumption, logistics, waste management, packaging, and carbon management.

Our business has a long track record of delivering sustainable solutions. Examples are diverse and include: 

  • Developing VOC compliant products to meet the changing demands of European environmental regulations
  • Engineering water saving solutions at our site in the UK
  • Implementing energy efficient production processes at our site in Suzhou in China.