Acure - Speed and Control  

We are dedicated to creating innovative solutions for the Coatings Industry. The Acure system was invented in Nuplex’s Innovation Centre in The Netherlands and refined in our regional R&D laboratories in Europe and the US.

Acure is base catalysed and built on Michael Addition chemistry which up until now has been too reactive to be manageable in a coatings context.  It is a 2k system which harnesses Michael Addition’s reactivity, giving paint formulators the ability to dial in fast dry times with remarkably long pot lives. 

Acure is built on two key technical innovations:

  • The first is a unique blocked catalyst which controls Acure’s reaction speed yet unblocks on demand, releasing small amounts of an alcohol and CO2. This unique feature which effectively de-couples dry time and pot life is at the heart of Acure.
  • The second innovation is a kinetic additive package which gives formulators full control of open time and through dry windows. Incredible dry speed with full control of pot life, through dry and open time is what we call “Speed and Control”. We also call it Acure. 

Nuplex launched Acure at the European Coatings Show in April of this year. The presentation given at the Congress was unanimously nominated for the "Best Paper" Award and is available via download

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