The Right Chemistry

It's our customer promise - what you can expect from us.

The Right Fit

Unrestricted by bureaucracy and empowered with the belief that the right solution is specific to each and every customer, we adapt so that we fit with your needs, and, work towards the achievement of your goals. 

The Right Outcomes

Reliable performance and products behaving as expected -  two key outcomes we see as critical to earning our customers trust and the reputation as a partner. 

The Right Advantage

A team dedicated to resins. Supported by a global R&D network and production capability, our experienced team bring together a range of skills and experience that see our customers benefit from our dedication to resins. 

The Right Solutions

To deliver the right chemistry, we invest in the capabilities of our production network, the processes of our business and the skills of our people. From our Innovation Centre in Wageningan, through to our new site in Changshu, China and including our investment in transforming our supply chain in ANZ, these are all examples of how we are committed to positioning Nuplex in order to deliver you the right solutions.