Our History

In 1952, Nuplex opened its doors as a New Zealand flooring distributor called Floor Tiles and Parquet Ltd.

Today, Nuplex is a global chemical company specialising in coating resins with operations located across Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and North America. 

As we have grown, we have maintained our tradition of exceeding our customers’ expectations and used innovative thinking to develop products, provide solutions and find growth opportunities.

1950s & 60s - From flooring to resins production

Having established itself in New Zealand as a leading supplier of resin-based flooring, Floor Tiles and Parquet Ltd (FTP) expanded into the Australian flooring market in the late 1950s.

At the same time, FTP saw an opportunity to manufacture resins locally when the New Zealand government's import restrictions meant they were unable to secure the required quantities of resin. FTP converted this opportunity through forming Revertex NZ, a joint venture with Revertex, a British flooring resins company. In 1960, the joint venture commenced production of waterborne resins in New Zealand.

In 1967, Revertex Industries was born out of the consolidation of the joint venture Revertex NZ and FTP. Shortly after, in the early 1970s, Revertex Industries began producing solventborne resins for coatings as well as composite resins for structural materials.

1970s - Broadening the product range

Although the company continued to enjoy success, the size of the New Zealand market was limited, so in the 1970s, Revertex Industries began to expand its product portfolio and its market.

Through technology partnerships and licensing agreements with leading producers in the US and Europe, Revertex Industries expanded its product and technology portfolio to include resins for adhesives, printing ink, coatings, and paint.

In addition to broadening its product range, they began exporting to Australia, Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

1980s & 1990s - Building a leading position in Australia

In the early 1980s, Revertex Industries took advantage of an opportunity to consolidate the New Zealand resins industry

As a result of trade protectionist policies that had been in place since the 1960s, by the late 1970s and 80s, the New Zealand resins industry was extremely fragmented. When the government began to remove these policies, Revertex Industries began buying many of its rivals and at the end of the 80s, emerged as the market leader.

Having consolidated the New Zealand resins industry, Revertex Industries, renamed as Nuplex Industries in 1990, moved on to consolidating the Australian resins industry.

In 1998, Nuplex Industries acquired Australian Chemical Holdings (ACH) which was twice the size of Nuplex and had operations in Australia, New Zealand, and Vietnam. In the following year, we acquired Dulux Resins, establishing Nuplex as the leading resins manufacturer in the Australasian market.

In 2002, Nuplex made its first forays into the chemical agency and distribution industry by acquiring Australian based Asia Pacific Specialty Chemicals (APS). This acquisition gave Nuplex the opportunity to increase its distribution network and broaden its expertise in specialty materials used in the construction, food, soap, rubber, and other industries.

In the following years, Nuplex acquired other agency and distribution businesses, including Multichem and Polychem, and formed Nuplex Specialties, one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading agency and distribution businesses.

2000s - Moving onto the global stage

During the 2000s, Nuplex secured its place as a leader in the global chemicals industry by acquiriing Akzo Nobel's coating resins business.

Nuplex began to expand into the northern hemisphere in 2004 with the acquisition of a resins manufacturing facility in Foshan in China, and in 2005, secured a leading position in coating resins and additives in the European and American markets by acquiring Akzo Nobel’s coating resins business for NZD$215 million.

The acquisition of the Akzo Nobel operations doubled the size of Nuplex. They added world-class manufacturing sites in Europe, America and China to the company's operations as well as a comprehensive R&D network spread across Europe and America.

Back in Australia, Nuplex continued to consolidate the composite resins industry and was positioned as the leading producer of composite resins after acquiring Huntsman Composites in 2007.

2010s - Dedicated Global Resins Business

In 2011 Nuplex cemented its position as a leading provider of coating resins to the European performance and industrial coatings industry following the acquisition of Viverso from Bayer MaterialScience at a cost of €75 million.

Viverso, now renamed Nuplex Germany, expanded Nuplex’s global product portfolio, provided an on-the-ground manufacturing presence in Germany, and established positions in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

In December 2014, Nuplex began a new era in its history as a dedicated, global resins business following the sale of the two non-core ANZ businesses, Nuplex Specialties (trading & agency business) and Nuplex Masterbatch (plastic additives business). 

The businesses were sold to Axieo Pty Limited for A$127.5 million. 

Today - expanding in emerging markets

Through a range of growth projects, we continue to grow in the emerging markets of China, South East Asia, India, Russia, and central and eastern Europe.

A growing demand for our products means that we are expanding our operations in these emerging markets, often moving into them alongside our customers.

We are laying the foundations for us to continue to grow our global operations by building new sites, increasing the capacity at our current sites, and expanding our global sales and distribution network.