Partners With The Right Chemistry

Trusted, Flexible partner

True partnerships come from having aligned goals. At Nuplex, we pride ourselves on the flexibility with which we work to enable this alignment.

Right across our global R&D, sales and production network, our teams are focused on finding ways to help our partners improve performance and productivity, enter new markets, refine applications and deliver advanced products to meet evolving needs and environmental regulations.

Performance and solutions

....are what we deliver. Products that perform as expected and solutions that meet your challenges is how we deliver The Right Chemistry. We do it through offering an extensive product portfolio, developing cutting-edge and innovative technologies, having production know-how and sharing our industry understanding and experience.

Globally, we specialise in developing and manufacturing innovative resins used in decorative, industrial automotive and protective coatings.

With an extensive technology and product portfolio, we are a leading provider of resins and additives used in:

  • Automotive OEM coatings
  • Vehicle refinish coatings
  • Decorative and trim paint
  • Construction coatings
  • Wood, plastic and textile coatings
  • Marine coatings
  • Protective coatings
 used on trains, bridges and
    heavy machinery.

In Australia and New Zealand, we are also a leading producer of resins for composite materials, flooring, inks and adhesives.